Securing the top layer or cap is a helpful way to keep your project looking the way you intend it to look.

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Individual Items

Surebond SB-10
Item: AC-SB10PA10
Paver Bond Adhesive. High Strength Structural Grade Hardscape Adhesive.
* High Strength Adhesion
* Rigid & Durable
* Can Be Applied on Wet & Frozen Block
* VOC Compliant
Available in 10oz Tubes

Surebond SB-15
Item: AC-SB15SRA10
Rapid Set Adhesive. Superior Strength, Quick Set-Up Hardscape Adhesive.
* Faster Set Up – 70% Faster
* Superior Strength Adhesion – 35% Stronger
* Rigid & Durable Bond
* Can Be Applied on Wet & Frozen Block
* Moisture Resistant
Available in 10oz Tubes

Why Wet Cast?

Wet cast is highly durable and has the capacity ro replicate natural textures and details. The colors blend more naturally for a realistic appearance and are less permeable to water, which extends its functional life.

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