Belvedere Wall

Incredibly natural look and feel with many sizes and textures

Belvedere is an ideal choice for garden retaining walls, two-sided seat walls, enclosure walls, and much more. Multiple unit sizes, along with an industry-leading 64 unique stone textures, give the Belvedere Collection an incredibly natural look and feel.

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Information Sheet
PDF File (9 MB)
Product Specs
PDF File (27 KB)
Information Sheet
PDF File (9 MB)
Product Specs
PDF File (27 KB)
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Product Features

  • Natural stone texture on both front and back
  • Attractive freestanding and retaining walls possible
  • Dimensional = fast installation and no waste
  • Natural color blends available
  • Walls, columns, steps and more = creative possibilities
  • Specification sheet available HERE

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Why Wet Cast?

Wet cast is highly durable and has the capacity to replicate natural textures and details. The colors blend more naturally for a realistic appearance and are less permeable to water, which extends its functional life.

See the Difference

Available Colors

Silver Legacy

Western Buff

Pacific Mist

Color variations are expected. Actual colors may vary.

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